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vis-IT Inc. provides service to small businesses who have neither the time nor the expertise to keep sufficient records for themselves. A plumber or piano tuner can make more money plumbing or piano tuning than doing their “book work”.

Because the nucleus of every business is in the accounting process, it is vital for the survival and the growth of each business to keep all records in an easy-to-read, easy-to-recall fashion. Not only will this make year end submissions easier, quicker and cost effective, but it will also make representation of the small business look more professional, and efficient to the clients.

Our professionals at vis-IT Inc. have over a decade experience analysing, automating and administering office processes. vis-IT Inc.was founded with one goal in mind and that is to help small businesses succeed at an affordable price.

vis-IT Inc. works with a network of professionals ensure all aspects of your business functions can be fulfilled. All associates of vis-IT Inc. have worked together on numerous projects to fullfill the clients' needs. We have the flexibility to complete what needs to be done in your business.

This could be:

  • installing new accounting package for new business and administering, and/or
  • clean up and improve processes for existing business, and/or
  • on-going administration, and/or
  • payroll, and/or
  • government remitances, and/or
  • year-end

We understand that many businesses have accountants administering their books. Our professionals will work closely with your existing accountant(s) to complete the books in the most time and cost efficient way.

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